Our history

The foundation of Young Real Estate Investments was laid in 2011. Since then, a great deal of knowledge and experience has been gained in all facets of the real estate sector: investing, developing, renting and managing. Below you will find an overview of milestones in our history.



Founded by Wim de Jong (1982), the company initially focused on purchasing small-scale housing projects in The Hague for renovation and long-term investment.

Growing Real Estate Portfolio


Using a “buy-and-hold” strategy, Young acquires, improves, and holds real estate as long-term investments. Young establishes teams for renovation, rental & management, and financial administration, transforming Young Real Estate Investments into an all-round real estate company.


Participation of First Investors


Amidst a post-credit crisis environment, Young raises capital from private investors to finance new real estate purchases.

This initiative laid the groundwork for the establishment of today’s robust Young REI.

Investments in Commercial Real Estate


A pivotal moment for Young: the acquisition of two vacant office complexes in Rijswijk, totaling 20,000 m².

These are revitalized and leased to prominent tenants, marking the company’s expansion into commercial real estate.

Top 100 Developers Recognition


Young REI enters PropertyNL’s “Top 100 Developers”, consistently maintaining its listing in subsequent years due to its expanding real estate and project portfolio (2017-2020).

Young Zeestraat Project


Young REI acquires and launches the Young Zeestraat project in The Hague, adding 4,454 square meters of commercial space.


Arrival of Nanne Veenstra


With growing business activities, Nanne Veenstra (1981) is appointed managing director, allowing founder Wim to focus on new business ventures.



Young Bankaplein Project Completion


Young REI completes the Young Bankaplein project, adding 1,083 square meters of societal real estate.

Young REI


Young’s diverse activities lead to the formation of specialized subsidiaries, including Parkstone Real Estate, Rebirth Development, and today’s Young REI. 

Young Parkstraat Acquisition


Young Parkstraat is acquired, adding 3,508 square meters of residential and commercial space.

Launch of Multiple Projects


Young takes over Young Zoetermeer, Young Meerdervoort, Young Zevenaar, which collectively add over 7,000 square meters of various spaces.

Young Zeestraat Revitalization


The revitalization project of Zeestraat 100 in The Hague is started and finished within only 6 weeks.

What has YOUNG REI become?


Young REI has become a robust and diversified real estate investment company with a solid foundation and a history of successful projects. Our focus on long-term investments, strategic acquisitions, and innovative development has positioned us as a trusted partner in the real estate industry.