Project informatie

Since late 2016, we have proudly included the distinctive Volmerlaan 7 building in our investment portfolio.

This impressive office complex on Volmerlaan, strategically located in the Plaspoelpolder area of Rijswijk, offers a unique blend of modern accommodations and creative spaces. The building has been successfully transformed into a 6,000-square-meter urban style hotel designed for business travelers and tourists, featuring an industrial and creative aesthetic inspired by Berlin, London, and Scandinavian cities. Originally an office building, Volmerlaan 7 has undergone a comprehensive redevelopment to its new mixed-use configuration. The project was initially financed by a consortium of private investors. Today, the property is conservatively financed through a mortgage bank loan with a low loan-to-value ratio, ensuring stability and security for our investors. 

This project is currently closed for investment.


Young Hospitality Investments


5.800 m²